Smart TVs – to make every day easier

This is why your next TV should be Smart

In recent years, the world has whole-heartedly embraced the new wave of innovative devices which are based on Smart technologies. You must have already got accustomed to your mobile phone being smart, but what does a Smart TV bring to each user?

Smart TVs undoubtedly have something which may be qualified as intelligence, in tune with the contemporary use of the word for technological purposes.

Revolution of TV devices

In that sense, Smart TV is a type of TV ensuring connectibility. This has revolutionlized the use of TVs, formerly used as devices dependent on TV programme and/or other supplementary devices such as VCRs (video recorders) and DVD players.

Connecting TV devices to the internet enables access to online services such as internet surfing, in the same way as on a personal computer, using social media, streaming videos and using different apps frequently used in the online world, one of them being Youtube.

Maximum possibilities with minimum complications

Innovative TV producers have made sure that the option of connecting to the internet is simple to use, not only by installing connectors and USB ports, but also by providing concise and specific options in the settings of the TV itself, thus making the process of connecting easily available to users of different generations.

Remote control of a Smart TV has obviously become an instrument specially adapted for the internet use, directly offering innovative options in a format we have been familiar with for some time now.

Everything is better with a larger diagonal

Smart TVs also offer the option of using your device not only as a TV, with a direct option of connecting to the Internet, but also for connecting to your laptop or a desktop computer, smart phone or tablet, making all the content available on those devices displayed on a screen with a larger diagonal.

This option makes viewing photographs and watching videos additionally enjoyable. Smart TV users consider it one of the greatest advantages in comparison to the standard functions old-generation TVs are limited to.

Given the size of the TV screen, compared to a laptop, phone or tablet, a full package of Smart TV possibilities – social media, Youtube, Netflix, creates a whole new dimension for a viewer, offering comfort as well as the possibilitiy of presenting content which brings together family and friends.

OZON Smart TVs boast a versatile range of diagonals and resolutions, matching thereby the needs of each user and fitting in in various living rooms, bedrooms or children’s rooms.

You can find more on available models of OZON TVs here.

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