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From the fourth largest producer of TV in the world, Hisense company, which has been devotedly working on innovation in consumer electronics, comes OZON – a brand with a versatile offer and specifications bound to surpass those of your previous TV sets.

Quality that stands out

We do not compromise on quality. OZON TVs are produced and assembled in Hisense factories with impeccable quality control, not only of materials, but of the entire production process. OZON devices include first-class panels and fastest software, while their specifications provide a unique choice adaptable to each and every home.

Accessibility that wins your heart

With a simple user menu allowing for each option to be accessible in just a few clicks, due to the implemented high-quality technologies, OZON TVs will meet all your expectations and requirements quickly, accurately and efficiently. The choice of different diagonals makes these TVs adaptable to each room in your home – from the comfortable living room to the children’s room, or bedroom, with a price as adaptable to your family budget.

Enjoy the advantages of Smart devices

OZON TVs are powered by a VIDAA platform functionally superior to classic TVs. VIDAA brings together Netflix, Youtube and numerous other applications, along with a range of games and an open browser for surfing your favourite websites. Your TV brings leisure activities to a whole different level. 

All round electronics

What used to be a hearthstone, today is a television set. It is a central point in each living room, bringing the family together, creating bonds, making it possible for us not only to have pleasant moments, but also to create new family memories. 

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Obtain new horizons

Exceed the standard TV functions by using Smart devices from the OZON offer. Let your TV be a tool for internet surfing, watching Netflix series and Youtube videos. Let it become the centre of your home, a central point the entire family gathers around.

Zone in and indulge yourself

Small and large diagonals, verified quality and Smart options will exceed expectations of the most demanding customers, regardless of whether you are looking for a TV for watching television programme in your bedroom or you want to provide your child with his/her own TV or you have decided to bring something new into your living room by setting up a TV set.

Open the world of imagination

With the help of your TV, you can travel the world from the comfort of your home! HDMI and USB ports will let you enjoy quality video content from other devices and cruise the internet with a larger diagonal, opening doors to distant rainforests, mountainous snow-capped areas, as well as all other hidden nooks of the globe. 

Navigate towards superior quality

Compact design, excellent price/quality ratio and a plethora of functions make OZON TVs an ideal choice for each and every room in your home – they are conveniently placed in larger living rooms, but are also easily fitted in smaller rooms.